Adopting the battle, Pieck recovers inside the a space plus Reiner Braun and you can Porco Galliard

Adopting the battle, Pieck recovers inside the a space plus Reiner Braun and you can Porco Galliard

Battle to have Paradis arch

[46] Through the an urgent situation meeting, Theo Magath explains Pieck’s concept one to Zeke Yeager could have been thought his raid with a small grouping of co-conspirators for the Marleyan Military. Magath then informs the others they’re going to wait for the All over the world Alliance to gather before Reiner announces they want to launch a shock attack facing Paradis Isle now. [47]

While the she checks out a magazine, she is able to overhear a number of citizens bitterly opinion concerning the latest measures of your own Survey Corps

Pieck is distributed also Galliard before the other Marley pushes to help you Paradis Island to locate Eren. [48] She upcoming infiltrates the brand new positions of Yeagerists in this Shiganshina. Whenever Eren Yeager goes into Gabi Braun’s prison phone to encourage the lady to help you cooperate, Pieck surprises your of the stabbing an associated guard on the throat. Pointing this lady gun on Eren, Pieck informs Gabi are silent when you find yourself guaranteeing the woman target’s name. [49]

Intimidating in order to kill Eren if the the guy will not follow, Pieck fundamentally backs down because of her objective from providing Eren in the alive. [50] Shortly after telling Eren one she wants to 100 % free the brand new Eldians only including him, Gabi instantaneously accuses her to be a beneficial traitor such Zeke. Pieck says to Gabi one, inspite of the heads of the army advising him or her if not, the brand new Fighters and their family commonly honorary Marleyans and can be recognized as all the way down class citizens; whenever Gabi protests, Pieck reminds the girl by using the newest advancements inside the technology, Marley will not rely solely into Titans for warfare and every Eldians (honorary or perhaps not) was slain due to not expected anymore. Eren requires her to prove by herself and you may Pieck volunteers to show your where in fact the most other infiltrators can be found. [51]

After being handcuffed in order to Gabi and you may delivered to the new rooftop, Pieck asks Eren whether it means they are on the same side; Eren merely reacts one to Pieck ought not to is actually some thing, on account of potentially eliminating Gabi when the she attempts to change. They see Yelena in the rooftop; Pieck whimsically recalls the lady treachery inside the Liberio, bringing-up that Yelena appeared sweet into bogus goatee. When stressed to disclose their comrades, Pieck grips Gabi’s hand and you can smiles during the their; she next converts and you can items within Eren. Only after that, Galliard’s Mouth Titan bursts as a consequence of and requires Eren additionally the Yeagerists from the treat. Because goes, Pieck holds Gabi and dives out of the way. Given that Mouth Titan shields him or her in the blast werkt badoo of Eren transforming, Pieck says to Gabi one to if you are she really does want to free this new Eldians, she trusts her comrades to help with new liberation efforts. [52]

Just after providing aside, Pieck calls over to Galliard; Galliard places you to definitely Pieck and you will Gabi try shackled together and you will reduce out-of their lower arm so she will change; Pieck falls off the roof and you can turns, that have Gabi go to the their Titan’s mouth area and the a few flee. [53] They to meet Magath with his soldiers, and Pieck tells her or him of your number of Paradis’s forces and one to Zeke has never arrived in brand new area. Pieck and you can Magath is mislead because of the proven fact that Eren has not even triggered this new Originator, but Gabi’s revelation you to definitely Zeke reported that Paradis has now an effective Titan of royal bloodstream prospects them to speculate one to Zeke is that Titan and this Eren should be in contact with him to interact the newest Originator.

Dressed with an anti-Titan weapons canon, Pieck declares that they dont allow it to be Eren and you can Zeke ahead for the experience of one another and begins to go Wall Maria having Magath. [54] On achieving the the top of wall, Magath mans this new canon and you will shoots Eren’s Titan regarding the direct, temporarily disabling him. They flames some other shot in the Eren so you’re able to incapacitate him after that, before they could fire any more he is disrupted from the Zeke’s coming. [55]

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