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In the code editor, you’ll find the bad example described above and an alternative. Try different fonts to see where the line-height and other metrics need to be adjusted. Justified text can produce unevenly enlarged spaces between certain words, sometimes known as “rivers”.

Website for your law firm, one of the last things you probably think about is its colors. This is an important decision, just like the other content on your website. It can affect whether your clients stay on your website and take specific actions. Continue reading to find out why the color choice for your website can make or break its traffic. This enables you to see which pages are popular, which have extended viewing times, and which don’t. Stick to 14 or 16-point font for the bulk of your writing.

  • As a website owner you have a very short window to convince someone your site is worth their time.
  • If you must use more complicated terms when producing content for a general audience, make sure to define each term clearly the first time you use it.
  • Enter your URL and hit the “calculate readability” button.
  • One must always check the reading level of your website and focus on making it improve regularly.
  • While the spider doesn’t keep track of the contents of the pages it crawls, it does keep track of the number of requests issued by each visitor.
  • Avoid using all uppercase text or script in larger bodies, as it forces strain on the user’s eyes.

Easily assess the readability of your website content with our free tool, ensuring that your audience is satisfied. Cruz’s portfolio website is professional—and her typography makes it a lot of fun to browse, too. While the serif font is clean and readable, it contains interesting bends and angles that make the text stand out. Cruz does a great job at pairing her typography with colorful backgrounds, vector graphics and animation.


On this page, we’ll explain what the Flesch-Kincaid readability scores mean and how you can use them to improve the pages on your website. As search engine algorithms process the endless flow of uploaded content, they become ever-more adept at understanding and replicating human language. These programs check each URL for its usefulness to readers, which includes the average person’s ability to comprehend the message. Simply put, your readers will have a better experience when your content is easy to read. This can help create a sense of trust and affinity with your brand.

website readability

The homepage title uses a colorful and retro typography design to set the tone for the brand. The site designer layered a cartoonish cursive font over a bold outline font. This, combined with the contrasting color scheme of royal blue, bright red and pink communicates to visitors that this isn’t your average pizza shop. Keep your design to a maximum of two fonts, including one sans serif and one serif font. For example, incorporating a script font as your third font to emulate quotes. Peter Kincaid, the Flesch-Kincaid readability scores are the most widely used measures of readability.

What is Marketing Automation? How Does It Help?

For most business writing, a score of 65 is a good target, and scores between 60 and 80 should generally be understood by 12 to 15 year olds. Improve readability by carefully considering font choices, keeping your copy concise, and offering sufficient anchors for effortless scanning. If you intimidate your visitors, you give them the impression you don’t want a personal relationship. However, personal contact is exactly what adds to your credibility and long-term relationship with your users.

website readability

One secondary font for paragraphs and other descriptive text. Here are some iOS 14 widget examples and a few things to consider when designing your own widget. Roboto is a sans-serif typeface that is geometric but also has open curves. It is considered a friendly and website readability professional font, and it is used in both scenarios. Roboto also happened to be the default font on Android and other Google services. M16 Marketing and a Forbes Agency Council member, Don is a leading marketing technologist on a mission to create success stories.

Different Types of Readability Scores

Our free backlink checker tool will help you monitor links to your website. Eliminate filler words like basically, actually, also, and yet. These words don’t add anything to your content; they’re interruptions that increase the word count unnecessarily. This system of readability is based on the number of years of formal education required to comprehend a certain essay.

website readability

When you think about readability, you might jump to the conclusion that this phrase refers solely to words. What you say is important so we’ll come back to this in a moment. Behind the scenes, the text will be styled using web fonts and CSS properties such asbackground, text-shadow and color. Justified text can produce readability issues for people with dyslexia and other conditions that affect reading and comprehension. Readability is reduced with all caps because all words have a uniform rectangular shape, meaning readers can’t identify words by their shape.

What is a good readability score?

The rugged, burned look of the text perfectly communicates the mission of the brand. Shiny Individual’s use of typography is the perfect example of how the right fonts can set the tone for your brand. In the case of Shiny Individual, their site incorporates sophisticated typography to reflect the cool and refined qualities of the jewelry brand. The fonts vary in size, weight and style to help guide visitors navigate the page, and sticking to black text used throughout draws attention to important elements.

Defining font sizes with a relative measurement unit, on the other hand, allows for scalability on different screen sizes. The colors you choose for your law firm website are important. They can be as important as the content you publish on your web pages and blog. Take the time to see what your competitors are using for colors and branding, and then make an attempt to distinguish yourself from them. Make sure that your colors are memorable and can allow you to easily differentiate your law firm from others online.

Content which is easier to understand will be easier to navigate. If you’re publishing content on the web, you should already have a broad view of your readers, what they like and where they spend time online. This includes an understanding of the average education level and common professions among your audience. Active sentence structure tends to be easier to comprehend than a more complex, roundabout passive structure.

How to Fix Your Score

Take the time to consider using colors that are unconventional in the legal industry to remain memorable. If your website is difficult to read, visitors won’t stick around. This tells search engines that your website hasn’t provided the information a searcher required.

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When deciding on the best fonts for websites, ensure they are easily readable, legible, and web-safe. A web-safe font will work across all browsers and devices, which is critical to communicate your brand to its full effect. Embracing contrast can improve the readability of your website’s content. There should be strong contrast between the text and the background on which it’s published. For strong contrast, use a dark font color for the text and a light color for the background. Black text and a white background is a combination that generates strong contrast.

Visuals like static images, animated images and videos don’t just enhance the appearance of content; they improve its readability. Content consisting of short sentences is easier to read than content consisting of long sentences. Thebenefitsof short sentences include improved readability and reduced overthinking.

While the spider doesn’t keep track of the contents of the pages it crawls, it does keep track of the number of requests issued by each visitor. Currently the crawler is limited to 1000 pages per user per day. Since the DatayzeBot does not index or cache any pages it crawls, rerunning the Website Readability Analyzer will count against your daily allowed number of page crawls. You can get around the cap by pausing the crawler and resuming it another day.

Want to find out your score?

Many web designers have not been focused on readability the way they should. A part of this is that the old models of design worked well with how websites were used not that long ago, but they don’t work so well on the current web. If you are writing for the general public, aim for a grade level of 8 or lower. If you are writing a future bestselling novel, aim for a grade level of 6 or lower. Sidebars, images and infographics also help even a casual visitor comprehend your brand and message.

If your marketing copy is written above an 8th-grade level, you are not communicating with a sizeable portion of your audience. The Affordable Care Act, by contrast, is written at a 13th-grade level—ensuring that some people who voted on it couldn’t comprehend it. Since font design and lettering are two of Dana Barkay’s specialties, it’s no surprise that the visual designer uses her site to show off her talents .

If you are using Serif fonts, don’t use them simply for aesthetics; use the ones that don’t challenge website readability. Copywriters and content specialists cannot do much about visual design. The C.R.A.P design principle can help you consistently deliver effective design to improve the legibility of your copy. VWO insights to understand your visitors’ behavior and figure out the target audience, who could be your prospective customers.

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